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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PSP James Cameron Avatar: The Game (2009) megaupload downloads


Game Genre
Action, Adventure

James Cameron is no stranger to large-scale projects. This is why James Cameron wanted to make ‘Avatar: The Game’ from inside the cinematic ideas that we have, and aim for a new experience. With a massive collaboration between the filmmakers and game designers.

The story of Avatar surrounds the world of Pandora, an alien world that resembles that of a Garden of Eden. Humans have come to the planet to extract resources to bring back to Earth. But the native Na’vi are not pleased with the new visitors pillaging.

You follow the story of a young Na’vi warrior called Ryuk, trying to recover artefacts back from the RDA, who have not only come to your world to steal resources, but have killed your family. It’s machine versus monster. With stunning visuals and a plethora of colours, you’ll be a part of the world of Pandora from day and night. Use your skills and abilites to best plot out the plan of attack.

The PSP and the PS3 will be able to exchange 'Effort Points' to create more interactivity with the two devices.

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