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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PopCap Collection Time Unlimited - 42 free popcap games with unlimited time trial

PopCap Collection Time Unlimited

Image Image

You've probably seen many posts about PopCap games.
What has this post differently?

1. 42 full PopCap games.
Includes zuma deluxe, bejeweled 2 deluxe, etc. (Sorry but I'm not too lazy to write all the names).
2. All the games are time unlimited.
3. The installation is very easy. It installs all the games in a single, uninterrupted installation, and are cracked.
I made the installer by myself. I upload the files. It is not a post stolen from another forum.

In short, you have neither to install games one by one, nor put a crack one by one.
All of them are installed and cracked and ready to play without time limit, with one access for each one.

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Memoria: 256 MB RAM
Procesador: 700 MHz or faster
DirectX: 8.0


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